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comfy living

Travelling, one of the longest-lived activities of mankind, requires knowledge. And in order to know, to make the most of this human imperative experience, it is necessary to rest, to pause one's physiological mechanism, to stop all tiring activities and restore oneself and create a corner of peace, quietness, comfort.

From the concept of this dream comes AGIO, and the idea of how to make it happen. By adapting to city centers, entering the historic streets without disturbing their aesthetic and architectural balance, placing comfort at the center, the only guarantor of true psychophysical "restoration", ethically using all the resources of the most modern techonologies: we did not want to create rooms, apartments or resedences, but locations, places where this dream could be lived, caressed, breathed.

agio civitanova marche
agio civitanova marche

comfy air

The whole structure is characterized by an advanced home automation system and air recirculation and purification through filters and UV lamps. Each room is aquipped with an automatic humidity control system that guarantees the perfect standard in every single room by balancing the right parameters that make the environment more comfortable for the stay.

comfy bed

All our rooms are equipped with matteresses and pillows selected to guarantee stays of comfort and absolute rest. We will have a particolar attention to these aspects to offer maximum relaxation because "AGIO is the Comphy Place"

agio civitanova marche
agio civitanova marche

comfy tech

Each room is equipped with Google Nest Hub, an automated system that takes advantage of the technology of voice assistants, transforming itself into the control center of your room. This device becomes a real nerve center that takes care of you. The whole structure is also equipped with Smart Tvs, state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to integrate the services offered by the internet into a TV.

comfy wellness

For a stay of comfort and relaxation, AGIO offers you the best services for your well-being. In our structure there is a small and exclusive Wellness Area with Jacuzzi, Sauna, Shower and Relax Area that can be booked one day before the stay and for the exclusive use of our customers.

agio civitanova marche

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